Sponsor Rowdy’s Neuter with San Diego HRS!

Aug 23, 2013

Sponsor Rowdy’s Neuter with San Diego HRS!

Rowdy is an adorable youngster about 4 months old who was relinquished because his family could not care for him. San Diego HRS volunteers think it’s because he’s not yet neutered but they were just not interested in keeping him. They didn’t know that he was a boy bunny even though the evidence was quite clear!

Rowdy is super sweet and loves to interact with humans. He’ll even lick your hand when you pet his head. He’s learning about using a litter box and once he’s neutered he’ll get much better. He loves his stuffed bunny and rattle ball, and running in fast circles during his play time. Rowdy needs to be neutered before he can be adopted.

Rocky has been sponsored! Thank you!

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