Support Needed for Kentucky Rabbits

Harvey’s House, our Kentucky chapter, has recently committed to providing financial support for 8 rabbits who have been rescued and cared for by one of our long-time Kentucky educators, who no longer has the financial resources to provide for them. We have started a sponsorship program so that we can generate some additional support for these special rabbits.

We are looking for one-time donations as well as monthly sponsorships, which begin as low as $5 per rabbit. Any donations that come in for these rabbits will go directly to their care through Harvey’s House.

The rabbits needing sponsorship are: Rafiki, Lacey & Thumper, Charley & Pearl, Katie & Tux, and Pepper.

We are hoping to get 50 sponsorships of $5 per month, or 25 sponsorships at $10 per month, to care for all of the rabbits.

If you’d like to help these rabbits, please make your one time or ongoing donation to Harvey’s House here!

Tux and Katie
Lacey and Thumper
Pearl and Charley

Donate at Harvey’s House here!