Tell National Geographic That The Video of the Rabbit Being Chased By The Dog Is Not Funny

Mar 31, 2015

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National Geographic recently promoted a video, in their series “Unlikely Animal Friends,” showing a dog and a rabbit “playing together.” While Petey the rabbit and Ellie the dog do seem to spend voluntary time together, it’s clear from the video that what Nat Geo Wild calls Petey’s “playing” is really him defending himself against Ellie. In addition, Petey has been left to run loose on the farm, where he is subject to death from a variety of predators, and his rabbit companion previously died outside. Petey’s life outdoors is not fun or funny; it’s dangerous. Please tell Nat Geo Wild that showing this video not only encourages people to put their rabbits outside to run loose, but to expose them to dogs who can easily hurt them.

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