The HRS Chapter Grant Program

Erica Burrus Photo - Journal Joy Gioia, chapter manager of the House Rabbit Society of Missouri, cuddles with Rembrandt, a flemish giant domestic rabbit.

House Rabbit Society’s Chapter Grant Program provides financial support to assist our many local HRS Chapters in their mission of rabbit rescue or education and outreach.

While our local chapters are all independent 501c3 organizations, this program provides a direct way to provide financial support to local rabbit rescue, education and outreach. Each chapter can receive a yearly grant, typically ranging from $250 to $2000.  HRS Chapters have used these grants to fund specific veterinary needs or projects with clear goals and objectives, including capital projects.

All donations that specify “Chapter Grants” go 100% towards our Chapter Grant program. 

To make a targeted donation to this fund, be sure to include “Chapter Grant Program” in the description field of the online donation form (donations via snail mail are also gratefully accepted).

Local Chapters can apply for a chapter grant here.