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Index of Japanese Translations

The following articles have been translated into Japanese. Many warm thanks to Tetsuro Oka for translating the majority of these documents and organizing the Japanese translation effort. We would also like to thank Dr. Ayako Imaiof the Department ofSurgical and Radiological Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis for additional translations.

These documents use the "charset=ISO-2022-JP" encoding. To view these translations correctly, viewers must go into their web browser and under the View menu choose Character Encoding -> "charset=ISO-2022-JP".

Amoxicillin Warning
Medical Bibliography
FAQ: Disabled Rabbits
Books and Videos from Drollry Press
Eye Problems
Hay in the Diet
FAQ: Medical Concerns
Medical Leads
FAQ: Spaying and Neutering
The Trouble with Ears
Incisor teeth
FAQ: Diet
Pellet Info
The Importance of Fiber
Pellets in the Rabbit Diet
The Role of Calcium in a Rabbit's Diet

Red Urine
Bladder Stones
More Than Just A Chew Stick
When Teeth Turn to Tusks
Aggressive Rabbits
Tools of the Trade
Turning Fear into Play
Age Related Behavior
Orphaned Rabbits
E Cuniculi
Another E Cuniculi Article

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