Foot Problems

Here are some of the suggestions on Kathy Anderson’s checklist for maintenance of rabbits with foot problems (sore hocks).

  • soft surfaces, not linoleum, hardwood, or cement
  • use fake sheepskin for cage bottoms, not bathroom rugs with rubber backing
  • keep bunny off wet surfaces
  • check feet daily
  • apply cooled tea bag (compress) to hocks to toughen calluses
  • litter soft, yet absorbent: try Carefresh or Cat Country on the bottom topped with a large scoop of Carefresh (paper pulp litter)
  • outdoor playpen: line with 6 inches of soft, clean, short-cut, yellow straw
  • keep toenails clipped short
  • disinfect cages regularly

by Marinell Harriman

House Rabbit Journal Volume III, Number 2, Spring 1994