How donations are used

Your generous donations are used to cover the costs of running and maintaining and our EVERYBUNNY Slack space. We are an all-volunteer organization with a working board of directors. We also produce a Free Images Library and a free Rabbit Education Resource Library. For project descriptions, see Our Projects page.

In addition, we have what we call a “reach project” – a fund for Rescue/Education Grants for rabbit rescues.

Support of Our Reach Project: Rescue/Education Grants

If people are generous and we raise more than we need for our core projects, the hope is to be much like a “Micro Maddie’s Fund” providing grants and education to rabbit rescue groups and shelters while educating and promoting best practices at the same time.

For example, Providing an emergency rescue or other program-type grant to rabbit rescue groups. We would stipulate as a part of the grant that the grant recipient produce creative-commons licensed free education materials based on what they did with the grant. That would be an excellent way to foster education and collaboration while being able to share any “excess” funds we might receive with the broader rescue community. Think of it as funding a small pilot project from local rescues that can be documented so that other rescues can benefit from what the grant recipient learned.

We’re also open to other creative ideas from the rabbit rescue/education/advocacy community. We want to foster collaboration, education, and awareness with the end goal being ending the suffering, abuse, and exploitation of all rabbits.

Other relevant points:

  • Our focus is primarily on education and advocacy
  • We aren’t planning fundraising campaigns, but we do have a donate button
  • We’ve also tried to promote the message, “We believe and promote that the best way to support rabbit rescue is to donate to your local rabbit rescue group.”
  • We don’t do rescue, we’re not affiliated with any particular rescue, and we do not have any intention to ever be a rescue

We’d love to talk with anyone who has questions. email Foundation president Paige Parsons at or

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