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Everything you need to know for your new bunny. Diet, housing, and behavior articles for new bunny guardians. Explore our top resources for new bunny caretakers to create a happy house rabbit family.

Perks & Pitfalls of Rabbits: An Honest Guide

By Paige K Parsons

Are you thinking about a rabbit as a pet? We’re so glad you’re researching rabbit care before making a decision.

house rabbit looking up at viewer

Mental Makeup

By Marinell Harriman

Rabbits are comprised of paradoxes that make them highly entertaining—inquisitive yet cautious, skittish yet confident, energetic yet lazy, timid yet bold.

Choosing A Rabbit

By Marinell Harriman

While you consider what you want in a rabbit, consider also what you have to offer in yourself. Would your new bunny choose you?

two house rabbits on a cardboard house

How To Care For A Pet Rabbit: A Primer

By Mary Cotter

Responsibility involves providing proper housing, nutrition, grooming, and veterinary care.

Rabbits and Children: Fostering Compassion at Home

By Carolyn Mixon

Rabbits and children can bring joy and companionship to a family, but they require understanding, patience, and commitment from an adult.

Food & Diet

By Paige K Parsons

Adult rabbits need a balanced diet of unlimited hay, fresh greens, and a few pellets.

two bonded house rabbits

Bunnies: Better With Two

By Amy Ramnaraine

Rabbits are social animals! Most bunnies crave the companionship of another rabbit. Human

Close-up of a rabbit's nose

Help! My rabbit is sick and I can’t reach my vet! 

By Mary Cotter

Sound advice for managing common medical problems until you can make it to the vet.

Litter Training FAQ

By Creative Commons Remixed

Common litter training concerns and a helpful overview video.

How to Find a Good Rabbit Veterinarian

By Kathleen Wilsbach

Don’t wait till you have an emergency to start looking for a rabbit-savvy veterinarian.

Common Medical Problems

By Paige K Parsons

A summary of the the most common disorders and diseases of rabbits.

Training Your Rabbit

By Paige K Parsons

Training your rabbit can be an incredibly rewarding journey filled with understanding and companionship. It’s […]

Rabbits Outdoors: Lowering Risks

By Paige K Parsons

Being outdoors offers rabbits the joy of fresh air, sunshine, and freedom to explore. However, it also exposes them to risks.

Common Questions

By Paige K Parsons

Common Rabbit Questions Do rabbits make good pets? Expand Yes, rabbits can make wonderful pets […]

Rabbit Rescue Groups

By Our Think Tank

Donating to your local rabbit rescue group is the best way to support rabbit rescue.

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