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Al the news that’s fit to nibble.

Rabbit Care Videos

Videos Actress and comedian Amy Sedaris and rabbit educator Mary Cotter teamed up with Howcast to create a series of short […]

great rabbit-savvy vet examining a rabbit

The Best Rabbit-Savvy Vets Near Me

A comprehensive and up-to-date resources for finding a local rabbit savvy veterinarian near you.

Rabbit Rescue Groups

Donating to your local rabbit rescue group is the best way to support rabbit rescue.

Free Image Library

Rabbit Image Library We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. We are dedicated to creating and sourcing free […]

Rabbit Education Library

Rabbit Education Library Our Rabbit Education Library project is dedicated to creating and sourcing free high-quality rabbit education materials of […]

wild rabbit nest with healthy babies

Wild Baby Bunnies: Are They Orphaned?

By Margie Wilson

Wild baby bunnies are usually not orphaned. Despite good intentions, attempting to rehabilitate them can be illegal and harmful.

Caring For Baby Bunnies

By Reprinted With Permission of Organization

This article is reprinted by permission of If you find yourself caring for a domestic […]

Finding a Home for an Unwanted Rabbit (rehoming)

By Paige K Parsons

Finding a new home for a rabbit (rehoming) is all about preparation and patience.

Close-up of a rabbit's nose

Helping an Injured Rabbit

By Our Think Tank

What to do when you’ve found an injured rabbit.

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