Screenshot of The EVERYBUNNY Slack Community
Screenshot of The EVERYBUNNY Slack Community.

Everybunny Rabbit Rescue & Advocacy Community

In 2023 we launched a FREE online community called EVERYBUNNY based on the Slack software platform.

We are a collaborative and welcoming group of 100+ members from over 60 independent rabbit organizations across the world. We would love for you to join us. Just drop us an email with your info, and we'll send you an invite.

Our online community is open to rabbit rescuers, veterinarians, veterinary staff, those who work or volunteer in shelters, and other rabbit advocates.

We are not associated with any specific rabbit rescue organization. Instead, we are an independent group working to help any and all existing rabbit rescue organizations.

Email for a free invitation to our growing collaborative community. Everybunny also has a website at

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