Mental Makeup

Age Related Behavior

Experienced rabbit people know it’s just a passing phase, but if this is your first […]

Rebel with Paws

I don’t understand it. Just this week, Fluffy has bitten the kids five times.” “I […]

Rabbits Are Social and Intelligent

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Scholarly Research on Rabbit Welfare, Behavior and Housing

This article features recent scholarly works on companion rabbit behavior, welfare, and the rabbit-human relationship, […]

Tools of the Trade

There are a few basic rules about interacting with rabbits that can be very useful in preventing or solving misunderstandings.

Why Does My Rabbit Chew on Everything?

Understand why rabbits chew and how to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your favorite furniture.

Lops Are Mellow and Other Myths

As an adoption counselor I am often asked, “Which breeds are good with children?” Or […]

Life with an Aloof Rabbit

Rabbits have individual temperaments which must be recognized and respected.

More Than Just a Chew Stick

As a fosterer, I often receive calls from people who are trying to find homes […]

Playthings – How Bunnies Use Them

Gymnastic toys—those that entice climbing on, leaping over, running through, diving into, or sliding down—keep […]
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