The Foundation opposes the breeding, raising, or promotion of rabbits for food purposes or any other commercial or exploitative purposes. Our complete set of position statements will be coming soon.

Just Good Business. Right?

By Marinell Harriman

Don’t let the media dictate your views on rabbit meat.

closeup of rabbit nose

Why Care about Rabbit Meat

By Margo DeMello

Some thoughts on the arbitrary distinction between who we eat and who we cherish.

Why Rabbits?

By Marinell Harriman

Of all earth’s creatures, why do rabbits warrant special consideration?

Bunpocalypse Breeding Stats: How Many Rabbits Can A Rabbit Make?

By Amy Ramnaraine

One breeding pair of rabbits — and their offspring — can create nearly 4 million […]

By the Numbers

By Amy Espie

The problem with limit laws is that they focus on the quantity of animals rather than the quality of care.

stuffed rabbit toy

Letter to the Editor for Easter Rabbits

By Our Think Tank

A live rabbit at easter is a poor choice. Choose a stuffed bunny toy instead.

rabbit overpopulation in an image five baby rabbits

5 Startling Rabbit Overpopulation Facts: Why Breeding Is a Problem

By Paige K Parsons

Choosing not to breed rabbits is a responsible and compassionate decision. Here are five alarming reasons to avoid breeding and rabbit overpopulation.

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