Learn about the world of rabbits through our authors' compelling narratives.

Settle in with a cup of your favorite beverage and a relaxing place to sit. We've got inspirational stories of bunnies to inspire motivate you.

Making of a House Rabbit

By Holly O'Meara | March 12, 2024

As rabbits make the transition from hutch to home, some hop an easier path than others.


By Holly O'Meara | January 30, 2024

Carol Allison and her husband, Gerry Upton, volunteer for several animal welfare projects. An extension […]

Blueberry and Raspberry

By Margo DeMello | December 28, 2023

I BOUGHT MY first two rabbits at a pet store in Berkeley and then found […]

Stepping Into the Rescuer’s Shoes: Mentored Rescuer

By Kathleen Wilsbach | December 28, 2023

I had no idea how Clover would change my life.

two rabbits in a litter box

Waste and Wisdom

By Bob Harriman | December 22, 2023

A tale of rabbit poop and recycling/organic gardening.

a portrait of a house rabbit

Herman: The House Supervisor

By Marinell Harriman | December 18, 2023

Barging into our lives uninvited, Herman changed everything we ever thought about rabbits.

The Story of FooBar

By Paige K Parsons | December 17, 2023

Over three decades ago we learned all about having a house rabbit the hard way.

two house rabbits laying on top of each other

Photos by Alison Giese

By Alison Giese | December 2, 2023

We are fortunate to have Alison Giese as a contributing photographer here at We’ve […]

Close-up of a rabbit's nose

Marvin Remembers His Gardens

By Bob Harriman | December 1, 2023

I was doing a framing job out of town, and one evening my wife called me up in my motel room…

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