Finding a Home for an Unwanted Rabbit (rehoming)

Rehoming is all about preparation and patience. Adopt a two-step approach: first, prepare the rabbit for adoption, then actively seek an ideal home through empathetic advertising and thorough screening of interested parties.

When rehoming a rabbit, whether it is a bunny you found on the street or a bunny who has been a part of your family, it is recommended to house the rabbit temporarily yourself or with a friend while actively seeking a good indoor home. The local animal shelter should be considered as a last resort.

Preparing the Rabbit For Adoption


Spaying/neutering enhances a rabbit’s suitability as an indoor companion, improves litter box training, and prevents future unwanted litters and uterine cancer.

Vaccination Against RHDV2

Rabbits should be vaccinated against RHDV2, especially with the current outbreak spreading across the United States.

Litter Box Training

A spayed/neutered rabbit is usually easy to litter box train, facilitating indoor living.

Attention and Socialization

Providing attention and socialization makes rabbits more appealing to potential adopters.

Indoor Living Preference Foundation advocates for indoor homes, emphasizing safety, supervision, and socialization. Even if caged, rabbits should have supervised freedom daily.

Getting the Word Out About Your Adoptable Rabbit

  • Where to Post:
  • Advertising Tips:
    • Clearly state the rabbit’s positive attributes (litter trained, spayed, etc.) in ads and consider a modest adoption fee to ensure commitment and ensure the person isn’t looking for a free meal for their snake.
  • Screening Adopters:
    • Screen potential adopters based on their suitability for providing an indoor home. Adopters should have an enclosure with a solid bottom, supervised exercise time daily, and an adult caregiver.

Final Thoughts

Animal shelters are considered a last resort, and it is emphasized that not all shelters may accept rabbits. Stray rabbits should be reported to the local animal control agency. Abandoning rabbits is strongly discouraged due to the risks they face outdoors. It is illegal in many states and countries and can lead to harm and even death for the animal.

These guidelines aim to ensure the well-being of rabbits and increase the likelihood of finding them suitable, permanent homes.

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