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Are you in the mood for some couch surfing? How about some funny and educational short videos featuring actress and comedienne Amy Sedaris and HRS Educator Mary Cotter. These entertaining and informative rabbit shorts are a part of the Howcast series.

How to Rabbit Proof Your Home

What to Consider Before Adopting a Rabbit

What Kinds of Toys do Rabbits Like?

Do Rabbits Get Along with Other Pets?

Is Your Rabbit’s Pee and Poop Normal?

What are New Zealand Rabbits?

How to Massage Your Rabbit

How to Help a Rabbit with Gas Pain

How to Clean a Rabbit’s Scent Glands

How to Handle a Rabbit

How to Groom Your Rabbit

How to Determine a Rabbit’s Age

Best Litterbox Material

8 Common Myths about Rabbits

Can I Keep a Rabbit in My Child’s Room?

How to Take a Rabbit’s Temperature

Can I Walk My Rabbit on a Leash?

The Best Carrier for a Rabbit

How to Take your Rabbit on a Car Trip

How to Get a Rabbit Back in His Cage

How to Get Rid of Your Rabbit’s Litterbox Odor

Do Rabbits Need Veterinary Care?

Are Rabbits Good Pets for Children?

How to Make a Rabbit Less Aggressive

Are Rabbits Nocturnal?

How to Give a Rabbit a Pill

How to Help an Overweight Rabbit

Can you Keep a Wild Rabbit as a Pet?

Do Rabbit Teeth Need to be Trimmed?

Do Rabbits Need to be Bathed?

How to Trim Your Rabbit’s Nails

Can Rabbits be Littertrained?

Why It’s Dangerous to Keep Rabbits Outside

What is the Best Diet for a Rabbit?

What Rabbit Breed is Best?

Should You Spay or Neuter your Rabbit?

How to Determine a Rabbit’s Sex

How Long do Rabbits Live?

Are Rabbits Low Maintenance Pets?

Why Are so Many Rabbits in Shelters?

Can I Leave my Rabbit Alone for the Weekend?

Should I Get a Friend for my Rabbit?

Do Rabbits Shed?

Should Your Rabbit Live Free Range?

How to Know if Your Rabbit is Sick

How to Know when to Euthanize a Rabbit

What is a Necropsy?

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