Helping an Injured Rabbit

If you’re here, it’s because you’ve identified a rabbit or bunny that may need your assistance.

Uninjured Wild Baby Rabbit

If it is an uninjured wild baby bunny – are you sure it’s really orphaned?

Injured Rabbit

If you have found an injured rabbit, first check if it is wild or domesticated. Our article on stray rabbits can help you figure it out.

Wild Injured Rabbit

Contact a wildlife rehabber immediately if you have found an injured WILD rabbit or hare. (Google “wildlife rehabilitator near me“)

Wildlife treatment regulations vary by state law, with most states mandating permits for those working with wildlife. Veterinarian policies and state laws can differ, and while some vets stabilize wildlife and engage licensed wildlife groups, others may not treat wildlife due to time and cost constraints. Keeping or treating wildlife at home without a license may be prohibited in some states; consult your state government website or search “Wildlife Rehabbers near me” for more information.

Domestic Injured Rabbit

If you’ve found an injured DOMESTIC rabbit, find an exotic vet who treats rabbits.

Determine whether you will cover the bill or prefer the veterinarian to transfer the rabbit to a rescue group, as some exotics vets may stabilize animals and involve rescue groups or humane societies. However, not all vets offer this option, and the rabbit may face immediate euthanasia, even for treatable injuries. Clearly communicate your preferences when discussing with the veterinarian, possibly over the phone before arriving, and be open to referrals to other vets or agencies. Animal Control/Humane societies and emergency vets can also assist with injured animals.

Before taking the rabbit to a shelter or humane society, call ahead to confirm they have a rabbit program and accept injured animals, as some shelters lack funding for treating injuries and may opt for euthanasia. If they cannot assist, request a referral.

Can’t reach any of the above?

If it’s after regular hours and veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitators are unavailable, contact your local 24-hour emergency vet to inquire about rabbit treatment, specifying whether it’s a wild or domesticated rabbit. Many emergency vets may not treat rabbits, particularly wild ones.

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