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    Fun Rabbit Facts

    Think you know a thing or two about rabbits? Check out the following fun facts about rabbits. […]
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    Who We Are

    House Rabbit Society is an international, nonprofit animal welfare organization based in Richmond, California. Our mission has two parts: [...]
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    Living with a House Rabbit

    Perhaps you’ve just adopted your first rabbit, or maybe you already have a rabbit and would like more information to help [...]

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  • Wild babies are usually not orphaned.  Many people mean well when they contact HRS after discovering an “abandoned” nest of wild rabbits. Here’s what to do. […]
  • By nature, rabbits choose one or a few places (usually corners) to deposit their urine and most of their poops. Here are some suggestions to help you to train your rabbit to use the litter box. […]
  • Rabbits are intelligent and social animals. They are wonderful companion animals if given a chance to interact with their human families. Here are our most popular resources for new bunny guardians. […]