Are You Rabbit Curious?

You don't have to have a bunny in the house to feel welcome here. We have lots of resources and diversions for those who love bunnies but choose, for whatever reason, not to have one in their home.

Think Like a Bunny


By Marinell Harriman

Though rabbits are capable of learning certain human words, it’s more important for us to learn their language.

house rabbit looking up at viewer

Mental Makeup

By Marinell Harriman

Rabbits are comprised of paradoxes that make them highly entertaining—inquisitive yet cautious, skittish yet confident, energetic yet lazy, timid yet bold.


two house rabbits laying on top of each other

Photos by Alison Giese

By Alison Giese

We are fortunate to have Alison Giese as a contributing photographer here at We’ve […]


Not just funny bunnies ... the FUNNIEST bunnies (and hares).


Brianna adopts Chester from a local shelter and life becomes a little more fun.

What Are Bunny People Like?

Rabbit People: How we define ourselves 

By Marinell Harriman

To be a true rabbit person you must be more concerned that your bunnies are happy in their environment than you are with how well they meet your demands.

illustration of rabbits and hay bales

Rabbit and Human Coexistence

By Margo DeMello

Still Wild Because we share our homes and lives with animals domesticated relatively recently (about […]

two house rabbits laying on top of each other

Hands-On Therapy

By Margo DeMello

Boys and girls are socialized differently while growing up and make the transition into traditional […]

Rabbit Activism

Why Rabbits?

By Marinell Harriman

Of all earth’s creatures, why do rabbits warrant special consideration?

closeup of rabbit nose

Why Care about Rabbit Meat

By Margo DeMello

Some thoughts on the arbitrary distinction between who we eat and who we cherish.

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