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house rabbit looking directly at camera

To Love a Mean Rabbit

By Marinell Harriman

Until the warmth of friendship brings this rosebud into bloom, we will handle her thorns with care.

Who Wants a Mean Rabbit?

By Marinell Harriman

SO YOU want a perfect animal. One who greets you at the door, who licks your […]

illustration of rabbits and hay bales

Rabbit and Human Coexistence

By Margo DeMello

Still Wild Because we share our homes and lives with animals domesticated relatively recently (about […]

two house rabbits laying on top of each other

Hands-On Therapy

By Margo DeMello

Boys and girls are socialized differently while growing up and make the transition into traditional […]

A History of Rabbits on the Internet

By Margo DeMello

Since the earliest days of the Internet, rabbits and all things rabbit have been flourishing online

house rabbit sitting on a dinner plate with angry caregiver

Rabbit Companions as Dinner: Just Good Business. Right?

By Marinell Harriman

Don’t let the media dictate your views on rabbit meat. Rabbits are companions, not dinner.

Rabbit People: How we define ourselves 

By Marinell Harriman

To be a true rabbit person you must be more concerned that your bunnies are happy in their environment than you are with how well they meet your demands.

Life Worthy

By Marinell Harriman

Some people have mixed feelings about keeping disabled rabbits alive when so many healthy ones are being euthanized in shelters.

Don’t Call Me Kind

By Marinell Harriman

Generosity is giving without compensation. So, stop rescuers and fosterers generous.

Giving Is Receiving

By Marinell Harriman

I learned about giving in the slow human way.

three disabled rabbits snuggling on a rug

Quality of Life

By Marinell Harriman

Confusion exists in people’s minds when dealing with crippled, deformed, or less than “perfect” animals. […]

closeup of rabbit nose

Why Care about Rabbit Meat

By Margo DeMello

Some thoughts on the arbitrary distinction between who we eat and who we cherish.

rabbit and gaurdian

Tania Harriman

By Marinell Harriman

A Tribute to Kindred Spirits and the life of Tania Harriman.

The Case for Rabbits in the Plural

By Amy Espie

Save two lives instead of only one and your care may also turn out to be twice as easy.

Why Rabbits?

By Marinell Harriman

Of all earth’s creatures, why do rabbits warrant special consideration?

Beyond Petting

By Amy Espie

Not a treatise against petting, but a sketch of other places you can visit with your rabbit.

The Importance of Permanence

By Marinell Harriman

Promoting responsible rabbit adoption in families instills enduring values of compassion and care in children.

rabbit ears

The Eloquent Ear: An Aural Celebration

By Amy Espie

When asked to name the first three things that came to mind about rabbits, in […]

Every Little Thing She Does

By Amy Espie

The more lives you pay attention to, the more you learn about those particular lives and about the craft of paying attention.

house rabbits in an enriched pay environment

Places to Be

By Amy Espie

preposition, n. A class of words that typically express a spatial or temporal relationship. In […]

Dear Abandoner: What Every Rescuer Wants You To Know

By Shana Abé

Your rabbit is my rabbit now. She wasn’t sick, but she was emaciated and exhausted.

Rabbits as Prey

By Shana Abé

Rabbits are prey animals. Sometimes we might be lured into forgetting that.

Rabbit Sanctuary Group Living

By Margo DeMello

Nine years in, my foster home prioritizes space and freedom for 20-25 “unadoptable” rabbits, contrasting with the few caged, adoptable ones awaiting homes.

What Are Rabbits Really Like?

By Elizabeth TeSelle

Those who live by stereotyping, pigeon-holing, or typecasting need not apply.

Rabbit as Symbol: The Significance of Rabbits in Dreams, Literature, and Art

By Paige K Parsons

Rabbits have captured the human imagination for centuries, appearing in dreams, literature, and art with […]

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