General Care

The House Rabbit Handbook is the first and still the best book on house rabbit care, and the book that started House Rabbit Society.


In our FAQs, learn about litterbox training, housing, spay/neuter, the hazards of outdoor living, diet, bunny proofing, toys, chewing, aggression, and more.


Our comprehensive health pages have everything you need to make sure your rabbit is healthy, including spay/neuter information, information on antibiotics, working with your veterinarian, how to medicate a rabbit, finding a veterinarian, medical problems, surgery and anesthesia, pain management, aging, disability, and more. FAQ Medical Concerns

bunniessniffingGrooming and Handling

What do you need to know to keep your rabbit looking and feeling their best? Learn about safely handling your rabbit.

Babies and Orphans (Wild and Domestic)  

House Rabbit Society does not promote or encourage breeding rabbits. We are a rescue organization and our purpose is to save rabbits’ lives. We do offer information on how to care for orphaned babies, whether wild or domestic.


How much do you know about your rabbit? Knowing about your rabbit’s behavior will help you to better care for him or her.

Other Resources

We have so much to offer to help you with your rabbit. Spend some time on our website, browsing our hundreds of articles. Check out our articles on Where to Buy House Rabbit Supplies, our archive of House Rabbit Journal articles, and the index of all available FAQs.

If you speak a language other than English or are from outside the United States, check out our international page.