Care Basics

Diet, Grooming, Housing, Play and Littertraining articles to give your bunny the best care possible.

two house rabbits on a cardboard house

How To Care For A Pet Rabbit: A Primer

By Mary Cotter

Responsibility involves providing proper housing, nutrition, grooming, and veterinary care.

How to Find a Good Rabbit Veterinarian

By Kathleen Wilsbach

Don’t wait till you have an emergency to start looking for a rabbit-savvy veterinarian.

Common Questions

By Paige K Parsons

Common Rabbit Questions Do rabbits make good pets? Expand Yes, rabbits can make wonderful pets […]

great rabbit-savvy vet examining a rabbit

The Best Rabbit-Savvy Vets Near Me

By Our Think Tank

A comprehensive and up-to-date resources for finding a local rabbit savvy veterinarian near you.


Food & Diet

By Paige K Parsons

Adult rabbits need a balanced diet of unlimited hay, fresh greens, and a few pellets.

closeup of house rabbit eating leafy green vegetables.

Best Vegetables for Rabbits: A Healthy Diet Guide

By Paige K Parsons

Learn the ideal rabbit diet proportions: 80% hay, 10% fresh vegetables, and less than 5% fruits as treats for a healthy bunny.

Treat Foods

By Susan Smith

That cute little whiskered face is so hard to ignore, especially when your bun sits […]

rabbit in a litter box eating hay

The Importance of Hay

By Amy Ramnaraine

Rabbits are designed to eat large amounts of high fibrous food – mostly hay.

Grooming & Handling

house rabbit being groomed


By Carolynn Harvey

Rabbits can act hardy, but their delicacy, from skin to spine, necessitates careful grooming

An Uplifting Experience

By Holly O'Meara

Rabbits can resist being lifted and carried in a number of ways. Reacting instinctively to […]

How To Clipper A Rabbit Safely and Kindly

By Amy Ramnaraine

How to clip a long-haired rabbit in a kind and gentle way. A companion video is available for a complete beginner’s guide.

Bonding With Your Rabbit

By Amy Ramnaraine

Rabbits are social animals. They need relationships to thrive. One of the most important relationships […]


By Our Think Tank

Overgrooming in rabbits, also known as excessive grooming or barbering, can have various causes. Here […]


Learn to trim your rabbit's nails with this short video from Amy Sedaris and Marry Cotter.

Housing & Space

Living Space: How to set it up

By Marinell Harriman

How to create flexible living arrangements for a happy house bunny.

Bunny Proofing Your Space

By Marinell Harriman

Any part of your house that is exposed to a bunny resident should have protection […]

Pens: The modern housing preference

By Marinell Harriman

Pens are inexpensive, easy to use, and can be adapted to fit in nearly any home.

outdoor house rabbit runs

Four Fabulous Outdoor Exercise Set-Ups For Rabbits

By Paige K Parsons

Looking for creative ideas for great outdoor exercise runs for your rabbits? Here are four fabulous ideas.

Play, Toys, and Enrichment

Play activity

By Marinell Harriman

Destructive behavior, such as chewing or digging into your carpet, can be diverted into healthy projects for your rabbit.

Playthings – How Bunnies Use Them

By Marinell Harriman

Gymnastic toys—those that entice climbing on, leaping over, running through, diving into, or sliding down—keep […]

Exercise: Setting up playgrounds 

By Marinell Harriman

Opportunity to exercise should be provided at least four hours a day or thirty hours a week

More Than Just a Chew Stick

By Margo DeMello

As a fosterer, I often receive calls from people who are trying to find homes […]

outdoor house rabbit runs

Four Fabulous Outdoor Exercise Set-Ups For Rabbits

By Paige K Parsons

Looking for creative ideas for great outdoor exercise runs for your rabbits? Here are four fabulous ideas.

Litter Box Training

Natural Routines: Litterboxes

By Marinell Harriman

A bunny’s use of litterboxes should be a natural evolution of what he wants to do anyway.

Litter Training FAQ

By Creative Commons Remixed

Common litter training concerns and a helpful overview video.


Top Tips on Litterbox Training from Amy Sedaris and Marry Cotter.

Bonding & Socializing

house rabbit looking antisocial

Socializing the Antisocial Rabbit

By Marinell Harriman

Did Sinbad’s socialization subdue his vigorous spirit?

Bonding Rabbits FAQ

By Margo DeMello

Bunny bonding basics by bunny expert Margo DeMello.

two house rabbits separated by a pen

Bonding: When the Going Gets Rough

By Holly O'Meara

The rabbit psyche is mysterious, sometimes paradoxical.

The Most Important Word in Bonding: PATIENCE

By Mary Cotter

Patience is the magic word when it comes to bunny bonding. PICK potential partner rabbits carefully. There […]

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