• Dr. Carolynn Harvey DVM

    Dr Carolynn Harvey is recognized as one of the most accomplished rabbit veterinarians in the United States. Renowned for her expertise and innovation, her pioneering work in geriatric and palliative care for senior rabbits has set new standards in veterinary medicine and significantly improved the quality of life for aging rabbits.

    She received her DVM from the University of California at Davis in 1985. In addition to her foundation in Western medicine, Dr. Harvey has studied acupuncture at the Chi Institute and incorporates complementary treatments, such as herbs and Tellington-Touch. She has practiced at Chabot Veterinary Clinic since 2007. She specializes in small animal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and rabbit and rodent medicine and dentistry.

    Dr. Harvey frequently lectures for rescue groups, educates fellow veterinarians, and donates her time to care for rescued rabbits. She also offers free exams bimonthly for foster rabbits from Bay Area rescue groups and supports other veterinarians with challenging cases.

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