Grooming + Handling

Why Rabbits Should Not Be Declawed

Rabbits do not have retractable claws like a cat which means they use them ALL […]

Video: How to Trim Your Rabbit’s Nails

Watch Mary Cotter's foolproof technique for nail trimming.

Video: Do Rabbits Need to Be Bathed?

Rabbits are prodigious self groomers and they keep themselves immaculately clean. But every once in a while for a variety of a reasons a rabbit will get a really poopy butt.

An Uplifting Experience

Rabbits can resist being lifted and carried in a number of ways. Reacting instinctively to […]

Beyond Petting

Not a treatise against petting, but a sketch of other places you can visit with your rabbit.
video stills of cleaning a rabbits hindquarters

Fly Strike

As disgusting as the subject is, we cannot ignore this eminent warm-weather danger.

Warm Weather Concerns

Rabbits are highly sensitive to heat. Learn how to keep your bunny cool.
house rabbit being groomed


Rabbits can act hardy, but their delicacy, from skin to spine, necessitates careful grooming
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