Radiology of the Rabbit Thorax

Radiology is a frequently underutilized diagnostic tool in the medical and surgical care of rabbits.

Sarcocystis in Domestic Rabbits

What is Sarcocystis? Sarcocystis is a genus of single-celled parasites with a complex lifecycle involving […]

Exploring Alternative and Holistic Therapies for Rabbits: A Comprehensive Guide

As more pet caregivers seek holistic and alternative therapies for their furry companions, we are […]

Alternative Therapies to Treat Rabbit Pain and Musculoskeletal Issues and to Stimulate Wound Healing

Alternative therapies can be very useful in treating rabbits for many acute and chronic conditions. The modalities work best when utilized in combination with traditional veterinary therapies.

Choking: An Underreported Issue in Rabbits

Choking in rabbits is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition.
a senior rabbit with assisted living needs

Video: How to Know When to Euthanize a Rabbit

Many owners are so scared at the topic of euthanasia, they don't even want to think about it.
closeup of a house rabbit eye

Rabbit Necropsy: Knowledge After Death

Thinking about necropsy in advance will help you make an informed decision in advance rather than when you are overwhelmed by grief.

Tumors in Rabbits

Both male and female rabbits can develop many forms of cancer, and any organ can be a primary site – or a secondary site as a result of metastasis.

Marijuana, CBD, and Rabbits: Understanding the Effects and Risks

Introduction With the increasing legalization and use of marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) products for humans, […]

Thymomas in Rabbits: A Comprehensive Overview

Thymomas are tumors that originate from the thymus, a specialized immune system organ in the chest cavity. While they are relatively rare in rabbits, thymomas represent a significant health concern when they do occur.
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