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How to Handle and Pick Up a Rabbit

By Paige K Parsons | May 16, 2024

Here are four annotated educational videos with helpful tips on handling and picking up a […]

Rabbit as Symbol: The Significance of Rabbits in Dreams, Literature, and Art

By Paige K Parsons | May 15, 2024

Rabbits have captured the human imagination for centuries, appearing in dreams, literature, and art with […]

Marijuana, CBD, and Rabbits: Understanding the Effects and Risks

By Paige K Parsons | May 15, 2024

Introduction With the increasing legalization and use of marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) products for humans, […]

Thymomas in Rabbits: A Comprehensive Overview

By Paige K Parsons | May 15, 2024

Thymomas are tumors that originate from the thymus, a specialized immune system organ in the chest cavity. While they are relatively rare in rabbits, thymomas represent a significant health concern when they do occur.

What Are Rabbits Really Like?

By Elizabeth TeSelle | May 15, 2024

Those who live by stereotyping, pigeon-holing, or typecasting need not apply.

Age Related Behavior

By Marinell Harriman | May 14, 2024

Experienced rabbit people know it’s just a passing phase, but if this is your first […]

Rebel with Paws

By Amy Espie | May 14, 2024

I don’t understand it. Just this week, Fluffy has bitten the kids five times.” “I […]

Pasteurella: Its Health Effects in Rabbits

By Marie Mead | May 14, 2024

Understanding Pasteurella can help caregivers take positive action.

Sex Hormones in Altered Rabbits

By Our Think Tank | May 14, 2024

This may be an answer for those super sexy bunnies.

fat rabbit

Overweight and Underweight Rabbits

By Marie Mead | May 14, 2024

OVERWEIGHT RABBITS Slim and sleek. This is veterinarian and author Dr. Susan Brown’s description of […]

Can I Leave My Rabbit Alone for the Weekend?

By Mary Cotter | May 14, 2024

Learn if you can leave a pet rabbit alone for the weekend in this video featuring bunny lover Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter.

unhappy rabbit in cage

Resources for Helping Abused or Neglected Rabbits

By Our Think Tank | May 8, 2024

We often receive inquiries about domestic rabbit neglect and abuse. Sadly, we hear of rabbits […]

Traveling With a Rabbit: Your Complete Guide

By Creative Commons Remixed | April 21, 2024

Traveling with a rabbit is definitely no small task. Quite a bit of preparation and consideration is needed, especially if you do not have rabbit supplies at the destination.

Antiparasitics containing fipronil are toxic to rabbits

By Paige K Parsons | April 21, 2024

Antiparasitics containing fipronil account for nearly one-third of adverse drug reactions reported in pet rabbits. […]

wild rabbit nest with healthy babies

Los Conejos Silvestres Pueden No Necesitar Tu Ayuda

By Paige K Parsons | April 20, 2024

Lo mejor que puedes hacer es poner al conejo justo donde lo encontraste, en la zona general, ya que la mamá sólo volverá por la noche a llamar y encontrarlo.

Video: The Rabbit Heimlich Maneuver

By Our Think Tank | April 20, 2024

This video offers guidance on performing the Heimlich Maneuver on rabbits.

Necessity’s Child: Bunnyproofing through creative adaptations

By Amy Espie | April 17, 2024

Creative thinking can help when it comes to bunny-proofing. Here’s some inspiration.


By Our Think Tank | April 5, 2024

Learn about the world of rabbits through our authors’ compelling narratives.

Sky and Toastie Celebrate Social Worker Awareness Month

Navigating Social Work and Bunny Advocacy: Sky’s Inspirational Insight During Social Work Awareness Month with Toastie

By Marina Mendenhall-Valente | April 5, 2024

Discover Sky and Toastie’s inspiring blend of social work and bunny advocacy, highlighting their journey of empathy and animal welfare.

domestic rabbit outside

How to Rescue a Rabbit Running Loose

By Amy Espie | April 5, 2024

Walking through the park one afternoon, you spot a rabbit. Advice on how to capture him.

Treat Your Bunny Right

By Amy Ramnaraine | March 20, 2024

Too many treats can result in weight gain and GI problems. For this reason treats should be given in moderation and in small portion sizes.

unhappy rabbit in cage

Sample Pet Store Letter

By Margo DeMello | March 20, 2024

A letter to help you reach out to pet stores that still sell rabbits.

house rabbit sitting on a dinner plate with angry caregiver

Sample Letter to Grocery Stores Asking them to Stop Selling Rabbit Meat

By Margo DeMello | March 18, 2024

A letter template for writing to your local grocery store.

house rabbit sitting on a dinner plate with angry caregiver

Sample Letter to Restaurants Asking them to Stop Serving Rabbit Meat

By Margo DeMello | March 18, 2024

A sample letter template for you to modify.

Why Chocolate Rabbits Are the Sweetest Easter Gift

By Paige K Parsons | March 18, 2024

Giving rabbits as Easter gifts can be problematic for several reasons, making chocolate rabbits a more suitable choice for the occasion.

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