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The Hypocrisy of Adopting Rabbits from Breeders: Why Rescue is the Ethical Choice

By Paige K Parsons | July 19, 2024

By choosing to adopt from a rescue, individuals can make a positive impact on the lives of these vulnerable animals and help foster a culture of compassion and responsibility.

Heart Disease in Companion Rabbits: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

By Marie Mead | July 15, 2024

As companion rabbits live longer, the diagnosis of cardiac disease has become more common, influenced by factors such as age, genetics, concurrent diseases, and diet, affecting various parts of the heart including muscles, valves, and electrical conduction.

Your Bunny and the Holidays

By Holly O'Meara | July 8, 2024

In the midst of all your holiday preparations, here a few tips to keep your bunny safe and happy.

Fireworks and Festivities: Keeping Your Bunny Calm During Loud Holidays

By Paige K Parsons | July 8, 2024

The 4th of July, New Years Eve, and Diwali. What do they all have in […]

Dog Training: A Guide to Commands and Skills for Living with a House Rabbit

By Marinell Harriman | July 5, 2024

More important than the dog or bunny behavior in establishing a compatible relationship is human […]

Radiology of the Rabbit Thorax

By Awaiting Reprint Rights | June 20, 2024

Radiology is a frequently underutilized diagnostic tool in the medical and surgical care of rabbits.

Natural Nutrition Part II: Pellets and Veggies

By Elizabeth TeSelle | June 19, 2024

Commercial pellets, particularly when fed in large amounts, may not be the best choice for all rabbits.

Natural Nutrition I: The Importance of Fiber

By Elizabeth TeSelle | June 19, 2024

In consultation with Cindy McBee, DVM For years, I have agonized over what to feed […]


Sarcocystis in Domestic Rabbits

By Margo DeMello | June 18, 2024

What is Sarcocystis? Sarcocystis is a genus of single-celled parasites with a complex lifecycle involving […]

Cult Film Delivers A Rabbit Monster: Frank of Donnie Darko

By Julie Smith PhD | June 18, 2024

Richard Kelly’s indie film Donnie Darko may baffle rabbit-loving folk. Its monster rabbit, Frank, is unbelievably ugly. And the film hints that his rabbit-soul may be even worse than his looks.

A Clean and Organized Rabbit Shelter Environment

By Marinell Harriman | June 18, 2024

some of our “best practices” for giving multiple animals the best care possible, while they await adoption, might be useful for other rabbit rescues or individuals with already-adoped bunnies in their own homes

three rescued rabbits on a chair

How Long Do Rabbits Live?

By Paige K Parsons | June 18, 2024

So you’re wondering – What’s the lifespan of a rabbit? And how can I help my bunny live longer?

rabbit overpopulation in an image five baby rabbits

Large-Scale Rabbit Confiscations and Rescues

By Margo DeMello | June 18, 2024

If you want to facilitate a large rabbit rescue, here are some tips. They are broken down into two main scenarios, based on who will be housing and caring for the rabbits.

Exploring Alternative and Holistic Therapies for Rabbits: A Comprehensive Guide

By Paige K Parsons | June 17, 2024

As more pet caregivers seek holistic and alternative therapies for their furry companions, we are […]


By Nancy LaRoche | June 17, 2024

BEMERKUNG DES UEBERSETZERS: Sollten Sie auch auf der entsprechenden amerikanischen Seite die Originalversion lesen, dann werden Sie feststellen, dass dort die Worte “Spay and neuter” verwendet werden.


By Nancy LaRoche | June 17, 2024

Gefährten geniessen gewoehnlich den wechselseitigen Gewinn ihrer Beziehung – aber nicht immer zur gleichen Zeit oder im gleichen Grad.

Saying Yes to Rabbits: Rentals and Bunnies

By Elizabeth TeSelle | June 15, 2024

I need help,” said the voice on the phone. “I want to keep Buster, but the only apartment I could find allows dogs but not rabbits. Can you find a home for him?”

Tilly: The True Story of a Rabbit Who Overcame Impossible Odds

By Nancy LaRoche | June 15, 2024

She wanted nothing more than an end to the burning on her side in the urine, the ache in her hind leg, the hunger demanding sustenance.

Warum ist es wichtig Kaninchen Spielzeug anzubieten?

By Margo DeMello | June 15, 2024

Spielzeug ist wichtig, es bietet: Welches Spielzeug ist für Kaninchen geeignet? Wenn Sie bemerken, dass […]

house rabbit looking antisocial

Aggressive Kaninchen

By Susan E. Davis | June 14, 2024

Menschen sind oft geschockt, wenn sie das erste Mal ein aggressives Kaninchen erleben.

Alternative Therapies to Treat Rabbit Pain and Musculoskeletal Issues and to Stimulate Wound Healing

By Teresa Bradley Bays, DVM, CVA, DABVP (ECM), CVMMP, CTPEP | June 14, 2024

Alternative therapies can be very useful in treating rabbits for many acute and chronic conditions. The modalities work best when utilized in combination with traditional veterinary therapies.

Czy jesteś odpowiednią osobą dla królika?

By Our Think Tank | June 13, 2024

Przed podjęciem decyzji o adopcji królika lub o jego kupnie powinniście zadać sobie kilka pytań, […]

Comprehensive Guide to Lagomorph Species: Pikas, Rabbits, and Hares of the World

By Paige K Parsons | June 12, 2024

The Lagomorpha order, encompassing pikas, rabbits, and hares, includes some of the most fascinating and diverse small mammals on earth.

Fun Rabbit Facts

By Paige K Parsons | June 12, 2024

Think you know a thing or two about rabbits? Check out the following fun facts […]

The Bunny Petting Chart

By Our Think Tank | June 11, 2024

All of our projects need more volunteers.

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