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great rabbit-savvy vet examining a rabbit

The Best Rabbit-Savvy Vets Near Me

A comprehensive and up-to-date resources for finding a local rabbit savvy veterinarian near you.

Rabbit Rescue Groups

Donating to your local rabbit rescue group is the best way to support rabbit rescue.

Rehome, Rescue, or Adopt:

Finding a Home for an Unwanted Rabbit (rehoming)

Finding a new home for a rabbit (rehoming) is all about preparation and patience.

Feeding & Caring For Orphans

Sometimes domestic or wild rabbits are truly orphaned. This document is meant to help in that dire situation.

Close-up of a rabbit's nose

Helping an Injured Rabbit

What to do when you’ve found an injured rabbit.


Adoption Thinking of adopting a rabbit? We can connect you to local bunnies in need of a home. After evaluating […]

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