Scholarly Research on Rabbit Welfare, Behavior and Housing

This article features recent scholarly works on companion rabbit behavior, welfare, and the rabbit-human relationship, […]

Tools of the Trade

There are a few basic rules about interacting with rabbits that can be very useful in preventing or solving misunderstandings.

Shy Rabbits

One of the most common misconceptions people have about rabbits is that they like to be held and cuddled.

Lops Are Mellow and Other Myths

As an adoption counselor I am often asked, “Which breeds are good with children?” Or […]

Life with an Aloof Rabbit

Rabbits have individual temperaments which must be recognized and respected.
house rabbit looking antisocial


Aggressive rabbits are often very intelligent animals who are just trying to express themselves.

Who Wants a Mean Rabbit?

SO YOU want a perfect animal. One who greets you at the door, who licks your […]
house rabbit looking directly at camera

To Love a Mean Rabbit

Until the warmth of friendship brings this rosebud into bloom, we will handle her thorns with care.
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