Scholarly Research on Rabbit Welfare, Behavior and Housing

This article features recent scholarly works on companion rabbit behavior, welfare, and the rabbit-human relationship, commonly known as ‘pet rabbits’ in academic writings.” For articles focused on health, visit our health research page.


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Environmental Enrichment

Claire Speight (2016) Environmental Enrichment for Pet Rabbits – How Can the RVN Help Educate Owners?, Veterinary Nursing Journal, 31:5, 144-148, DOI: 10.1080/17415349.2016.1153990Obesity


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Housing & Enrichment

Mee, Grace, et al. “Owner demographic factors are associated with suitable pet rabbit housing provision in the United Kingdom.” Veterinary Record 190.12 (2022): e1736.DOI:

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Rescue, Rehoming, Population Statistics

PDSA (UK). The 2022 Animal Wellbeing Report (pdf)

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Socialization and Bonding

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