Natural Nutrition Part II: Pellets and Veggies

Commercial pellets, particularly when fed in large amounts, may not be the best choice for all rabbits.

Natural Nutrition I: The Importance of Fiber

In consultation with Cindy McBee, DVM For years, I have agonized over what to feed […]

Treat Your Bunny Right

Too many treats can result in weight gain and GI problems. For this reason treats should be given in moderation and in small portion sizes.

Digestibility in the Rabbit Diet

Rabbits have a very round-about, complicated way of getting their food digested.

Video: How to Help an Overweight Rabbit

Howcast video on helping an overweight rabbit loose weight.

Treat Foods

That cute little whiskered face is so hard to ignore, especially when your bun sits […]
rabbit in a litter box eating hay

The Importance of Hay

Rabbits are designed to eat large amounts of high fibrous food - mostly hay.

Greens Are Great!

Rabbits are herbivores! A diverse selection of leafy greens should be 10-15% of your rabbit’s […]
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