Treat Your Bunny Right

Rabbits love treats. Rabbits also have an enormous sweet tooth. If left to their own devices rabbits would make themselves sick eating starchy, high calorie sweets (so relatable!). Too many treats can result in weight gain and GI problems. For this reason treats should be given in moderation and in small portion sizes.

Many store bought treats are often no better than junk food. Read labels carefully. Rabbits should never eat yogurt drops, seeds, chocolate, added sugar, artificial flavors or colors.

Instead, choose treats that are simple, natural, and fibrous. Choose fruit, vegetables, oats (rolled or groats), homemade baked treats, or dehydrated edible forage.

Fresh fruits are high in sugar and calories so serve an appropriate size: limit to one teaspoon of fresh fruit per 2 lbs. of body weight. Dried fruits are about 3x as concentrated as fresh so adjust portions accordingly.

You can grow your own (unsprayed) garden forage or purchase from specialty treat vendors. Some favorite fresh or dehydrated plants include herbs, calendula, dandelion, nettle, thistle, peppermint, roses, clover, echinacea, evening primrose, and chamomile. Since most of these garden favorites are unavailable in the grocery store they really are a special treat for your rabbit.

Edible toys can be a great alternative to treats. Many rabbit toys are high in fiber and offer enrichment in the form of digging, chewing, gnawing or shredding. While snacks are gone within moments edible toys can last for hours or even days. Try apple sticks, woven grass mats, willow toys (balls, tents, baskets, wreaths), cardboard boxes, or activity mats. Keep your bunny healthy and happy by “treating” them right!

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  • Amy Ramnaraine

    Since 2001 my life has been filled with my own beloved, free-roaming house rabbits. They fueled my desire to help other people and their rabbits live happily and healthfully together. I began as a local educator for the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (2008 — 2015). I then became a licensed educator for the national House Rabbit Society (2016 — 2023). I have expanded my own rabbit knowledge through many conferences and seminars on rabbit care, behavior, and health. As a rabbit advocate I’ve organized transports, campaigned, fostered, and provided hospice care. As an educator I’ve done my best to create easily accessible information to improve the lives of rabbits and the humans who care for them. My beloved bunnies were: Mouse & Duchess, Captain BlackOak & Pixel, Fluffston, Guinevere, Joy & Magnus.

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