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Large-Scale Rabbit Confiscations and Rescues

If you want to facilitate a large rabbit rescue, here are some tips. They are broken down into two main scenarios, based on who will be housing and caring for the rabbits.
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How to Rescue a Rabbit Running Loose

Walking through the park one afternoon, you spot a rabbit. Advice on how to capture him.
Close-up of a rabbit's nose

Helping an Injured Rabbit

What to do when you've found an injured rabbit.
A domestic agouti-colored rabbit

Stray Rabbits: Wild or Domestic?

Is that stray bunny wild or domestic? Here are some guidelines.

Caring for Rabbits in Animal Shelters

If you work or volunteer for an animal shelter, we have materials that can help.
six rescued rabbits in carriers being transported. rescue transport for rabbits.

Transporting Rabbits as Part of a Rescue Operation

Create the foundation for solid rescue partnerships with successful transports.

Blueberry and Raspberry

I BOUGHT MY first two rabbits at a pet store in Berkeley and then found […]

Stepping Into the Rescuer’s Shoes: Mentored Rescuer

I had no idea how Clover would change my life.

Don’t Call Me Kind

Generosity is giving without compensation. So, stop rescuers and fosterers generous.
two house rabbits on a cardboard house

Top 10 Reasons Rabbits Are Abandoned

This data was compiled from the author’s personal experience at the intake desk of a […]
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