Tilly: The True Story of a Rabbit Who Overcame Impossible Odds

She wanted nothing more than an end to the burning on her side in the urine, the ache in her hind leg, the hunger demanding sustenance.

Making of a House Rabbit

As rabbits make the transition from hutch to home, some hop an easier path than others.


Carol Allison and her husband, Gerry Upton, volunteer for several animal welfare projects. An extension […]

Blueberry and Raspberry

I BOUGHT MY first two rabbits at a pet store in Berkeley and then found […]

Stepping Into the Rescuer’s Shoes: Mentored Rescuer

I had no idea how Clover would change my life.
two rabbits in a litter box

Waste and Wisdom

A tale of rabbit poop and recycling/organic gardening.
a portrait of a house rabbit

Herman: The House Supervisor

Barging into our lives uninvited, Herman changed everything we ever thought about rabbits.

The Story of FooBar

Over three decades ago we learned all about having a house rabbit the hard way.
two house rabbits laying on top of each other

Photos by Alison Giese

We are fortunate to have Alison Giese as a contributing photographer here at We’ve […]
Close-up of a rabbit's nose

Marvin Remembers His Gardens

I was doing a framing job out of town, and one evening my wife called me up in my motel room...
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