Blueberry and Raspberry

I BOUGHT MY first two rabbits at a pet store in Berkeley and then found the House Rabbit Handbook at another local store. After reading it, I sent a letter to Marinell, along with a photo of my rabbits, Blueberry and Raspberry, asking to be included should she write another book In reply Marinell sent me the first issue of House Rabbit Journal, and I immediately subscribed. In the second issue I read with great interest Susan Stark’s article about fostering. By that time, I had bought a third rabbit, a little dwarf baby, again at a pet store. She died soon after I brought her home. I was devastated. The pet store’s solution was to give me a new rabbit to “replace” the little one who died. I phoned Marinell and asked if I could start fostering.

Shannon and I went to Marinell’s house and picked up Peaches and Grumpy, a pair of brothers. They were my first fosters. After we left, having seen so many bunnies, Shannon said, “I can’t imagine living like that.” Of course, the funny part is that we did end up living like that.

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Blueberry and Raspberry was originally published in House Rabbit Journal Winter 2008: Volume V, Number 3

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