Resources for Helping Abused or Neglected Rabbits

We often receive inquiries about domestic rabbit neglect and abuse. Sadly, we hear of rabbits being given as prizes at fairs, kept in unsanitary conditions at pet stores, hoarding situations, and bunny breeding programs running amok.

Unfortunately, Foundation does not have animal control capabilities, a function of local animal control programs. Here is some good general advice from the Humane Society of the United States about animal abuse:

“If you witness animal abuse or neglect, please contact your local humane society, animal shelter, or animal control agency immediately. In most areas, those agencies have the jurisdiction and capability to investigate and resolve these situations. They rely on concerned citizens to be their eyes and ears in the community and to report animal suffering. You can choose to remain anonymous, although giving your name to your humane agency will enable that group to follow up with you when necessary.

You can find the name and number of your local humane society or animal control agency by searching for “animal shelter near me,” “humane society near me,” or “animal control near me.” If there is not a shelter or animal control agency in your community, please report any incident to your police department immediately.”

Further Resources

Animal Legal & Historical Center at Michigan State
The Animal Protection Institute also has an amazing set of resources about laws dealing with companion animals. It specifically provides a state-by-state list of every law dealing with pet stores, breeders, dealers, and more. It even lists which state laws deal with which animal, so it’s easy to see if your state’s cruelty laws cover rabbits. They also provide a summary of pet store laws.

US Federal Regulations
There are also USDA laws about commercial rabbit care requirements.

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