Posters and Flyers from HRS and our Partners

Informational Flyers

Setting your Rabbit Loose  He’s Not a Toy      Top 9 Reasons      10 Point Primer   Common Rabbit Myths


Easter Posters

Perfect Easter Bunny      Easter vs. Chocolate      Make Mine Chocolate         Which Bunny

HQPerfectRabbit           EasterAdoption-page-001         MakeMineChocolate-page-001  EasterEducation2011Poster-page-001

You wouldn’t buy a Reindeer… (from Orlando Rabbit Rescue)

Rabbits vs. Reindeer

From Rabbitron:

Choose Chocolate   Not Easter Toys   Disappearing Rabbits

Choose Chocolate  Rabbits are Not Easter Toys  disappearingrabbits-page-001

Adoption Posters

“Did You Know” Poster          “How to Adopt a Rabbit”    Sample Adoption Flyer      Sample Adoption Flyer


HowToAdoptABunnyPoster              sample flyer       Hayward Shelter

Adopt Don’t Buy (from HRS Singapore)


Celebrate the Ruby                 Warm your Heart            Match your Rabbit 

ARRM2006poster-page-001FEBMONTH  ruby

Care Posters

Rabbit Food Pyramid      Your Litterbox    Spay your Rabbit (from HSUS)

Rabbit_Food_Pyramid-page-001 Your_Rabbit's_Litterbox-page-001


Safe Plants for Rabbits (from Action for Rabbits)

Toxic & Safe Plants-page-001

Activist Flyers

Help These Chickens (from HFA)  Tell Whole Foods     Whole Foods Market is Selling (From RAN)


Flyer B by Sandy Parshall

Tara Baxter