International Rabbit Day

locandina_ird2013 - CopiaInternational Rabbit Day is an international day which promotes the protection and care of rabbits both domestic and wild. International Rabbit Day is held on the fourth Saturday or Sunday of September; in 2014 it will be held on September 28.

On International Rabbit Day, we think about the many ways that rabbits bring joy to our lives, and also the many ways in which they are harmed, by hunting, eating, medical experimentation, product testing, fur-farming, and living isolated lives in outdoor hutches. House Rabbit Society’s mission states that “ALL rabbits are valuable as individuals, regardless of breed purity, temperament, state of health, or relationship to humans. The welfare of all rabbits is our primary consideration. In line with our mission, we are against the exploitation of rabbits…Domestic rabbits are companion animals and should be afforded at least the same individual rights, level of care, and opportunity for longevity as commonly afforded to dogs and cats who live as human companions.”