Video: How to Clipper Long-Haired Rabbits

by Minnesota HRS Educator Amy Ramnaraine

An instructional video on how to use a clipper to safely and kindly give your long-haired rabbit a short haircut. Rabbits like to be active and not overheated, so a short haircut can greatly improve a long-haired rabbit’s quality of life!

There are many benefits to keeping your long-haired rabbit in a short haircut:
1. Keep cooler in hot weather
2. Less fur (and being free of mats) means greater range of motion, allowing them to be more active and athletic
3. Greatly reduces the amount of fur they will ingest during regular grooming — less fur goes into the stomach to cause health problems

Amy Ramnaraine is a licensed HRS educator in Minnesota. Amy has lived with house rabbits since 2001, and with rescued Angora rabbits since 2011. As you begin using a clipper we recommend that you consult with your rabbit savvy veterinarian for further guidance on safe rabbit handling.