Vintage Easter Postcard. Image by <a href=""">Dave</a> via CC.
Vintage Easter Postcard. Image by Dave via CC.

Easter & Rabbits

Despite common misconceptions around Easter, rabbits are not ideal pets for small children. Even the gentlest young child's natural energy and enthusiasm can be overwhelming and stressful for sensitive rabbits.

Children often seek a pet they can hold and cuddle, akin to the appeal of stuffed animals. However, rabbits don’t fit this mold. They are creatures that prefer the ground and can feel scared and insecure when picked up and held. Consequently, when a rabbit is bought on a whim for Easter, the novelty can quickly wear off for the child, leading to the rabbit being neglected or abandoned.

As Easter bunnies grow and enter adolescence, they may exhibit behaviors like chewing, spraying, or digging if they are not neutered. Unfortunately, many of these rabbits face neglect or abandonment. Post-Easter, every rabbit rescue group sees a significant rise in the number of rabbits surrendered to shelters and abandoned on the streets. To break this annual cycle, it’s crucial to educate yourself and others about the realities of rabbit care.

Know the Facts

  • Rabbits are not "low-maintenance" pets and are unsuitable for children.
  • They have a lifespan of around 10 years, requiring similar care to dogs or cats.
  • Bunny-proofing is essential to protect both your rabbit and your home.
  • Neutering or spaying is crucial to prevent undesirable behaviors like marking.
  • Rabbits are best suited as indoor pets, integrated into the family.

Clearly, rabbits aren’t for everyone. If you think you might be a bunny person, please visit your local rabbit-rescue group.

Easter Articles

A few of our essays and articles on Rabbits and Easter. Feel free to link and share.

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stuffed rabbit toy

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A live rabbit at easter is a poor choice. Choose a stuffed bunny toy instead.

Easter Social Media Graphics

All of these easter education graphics are unbranded. If you are a rescue group or shelter, please feel free to add your logo. Horizontal graphics courtesy of Amy Ramnaraine. Square graphics courtesy of Rivers Wish Animal Sanctuary.

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