After Surgery

When performed by a qualified veterinarian spay/neuter surgery is a safe and beneficial operation for rabbits. Here are some aftercare recommendations.

It’s normal for rabbits to be sore for a few days afterwards. Ask your veterinarian about pain management at home. Pain management is very important for a quick and healthy recovery.

Your rabbit needs to begin eating as soon as possible – within 24 hours of surgery. Offer fresh water, hay, veggies, and pellets. Keep a close eye on food and water consumption. If normal eating and drinking does not resume within 24 hours consult your veterinarian.

Once back at home put your rabbit in a quiet, warm environment. If your bunny is part of a bonded pair or a group keep them together, as long as they interact calmly with each other. Being together during recovery should be comforting for your rabbit and can reduce stress and facilitate healing.

Avoid handling your rabbit to much the first night after surgery. She’ll appreciate having a quiet space to rest without too much interference. In the three or four days following surgery she should resume her normal routine, including her normal activities, appetite, and interactions with you.  Do limit exercise for the first 10 days.

Be sure to monitor your rabbit’s poops! Output should return to normal within a day or two. If fecal output slows or stops contact your vet right away.

Rabbits generally recover quickly from spay/neuter surgery and often return to their normal behavior in just a few days. Males usually recover from neuter surgery more quickly than females recover from spay surgery.

It is important that you wait 30 days after surgery before making an introduction to other rabbits. Males can have viable sperm for up to 30 days post-neuter!


by Amy Ramnaraine
HRS Educator in Training, Minnesota