Flying: Airlines That Allow Rabbits

Planning a flight with your rabbit? Here are all of our resources about flying on a commercial plane with your rabbit.

Airlines that allow rabbits to fly in the cabin

Please remember to check the airline website before booking your flight. We do not recommend shipping rabbits in the cargo area of planes as checked baggage.

Other Travel Tips & Tricks

  • A valid veterinary medical certificate of good health is often required.
  • United no longer allows rabbits in the cabin as of December of 2019. We recommend everyone call United to ask them to change their policy.
  • When booking your flight, please be sure that the flight is actually operated by one of the airlines above. Many airlines co-book or code-share flights that are operated by other airlines that do not allow rabbits.
  • Pet rules vary based on country of origin and destination. If you are traveling internationally, check to be sure each leg/flight of your trip is covered before you finalize your booking.
  • An in-cabin pet fee or “pet ticket” is always required. It will need to be reserved and paid in advance or at the airport at check-in. Double-check with the airline when booking your ticket.
  • When traveling with a pet, give yourself extra time at the airport on the day of travel.

We appreciate your help in keeping this list up-to-date. Email to report any changes or corrections.

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