Video: Are Rabbits Nocturnal?

Are rabbits nocturnal? They’re actually crepuscular. Learn all about the strange hours rabbit keep with Amy Sedaris and Mary Cotter.

When people often ask us, “Are rabbits nocturnal?”. They’re worried about being kept up all night with high cage activity, a lot of noise, and a lot of rattling. In fact, rabbits are not nocturnal. Rabbits are what’s called crepuscular, which is a fancy word for saying that they’re active most often in the early morning and early evening.

  • Mary Cotter

    Mary E. Cotter, M.A., Ed.D., LVT is the founder of the NY-based Rabbit Rescue & Rehab. Involved with rabbit rescue since 1982, she speaks and writes frequently on rabbit-related topics, addressing owners, veterinary professionals and shelter workers.

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