How Old for Spay or Neuter?

People often ask, “how old does a rabbit have to be for spay/neuter surgery?”

For boys, they can be neutered as soon as their testicles descend, usually at about 10-12 weeks. For females, many rabbit veterinarians prefer to wait until rabbits are 6 months old, although some veterinarians do it as early as 4-5 months.  Even after surgery, males can still get an unspayed female pregnant for up to one month after surgery, so rabbits need to be separated even after the neuter surgery is done.

It is critical to choose a veterinarian who is experienced in rabbit surgery. Find out list of recommended veterinarians here, and, if you don’t live in an area with a veterinarian on our list, visit this page to find out about evaluating veterinarians.

Spay/neuter offers so many benefits for rabbits it is difficult to overstate the advantages for both rabbit and human caretaker.

by Amy Ramnairane

  • Amy Ramnaraine

    Since 2001 my life has been filled with my own beloved, free-roaming house rabbits. They fueled my desire to help other people and their rabbits live happily and healthfully together. I began as a local educator for the Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society (2008 — 2015). I then became a licensed educator for the national House Rabbit Society (2016 — 2023). I have expanded my own rabbit knowledge through many conferences and seminars on rabbit care, behavior, and health. As a rabbit advocate I’ve organized transports, campaigned, fostered, and provided hospice care. As an educator I’ve done my best to create easily accessible information to improve the lives of rabbits and the humans who care for them. My beloved bunnies were: Mouse & Duchess, Captain BlackOak & Pixel, Fluffston, Guinevere, Joy & Magnus.

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