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Alternative Litterbox

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Hi all.

Over the weekend I came up with what I thought was a grand, albeit very Martha-Stewartish, solution to one of our litterbox dilemmas here. The problem is that a few months ago my rabbits decided life would be easier if they had a bathroom spot in the dining room. After trying to discourage them from this habit, I gave up and gave them an official litterbox. In the grand scheme of things, the rabbits can have a litterbox anywhere they want. In the dinner guest scheme of things, however, this was not a big hit. I guess there's something about Elmo using his box during dinner that turned some people off. I, of course, thought it was adorable.

In the interests of promoting Rabbits as Perfect Pets, I decided to build them a fancy outhouse. I bought a big box (bigger and much taller than the litterbox) and cut off the bottom, then cut a hole in the side and in one end. Then I bought several kinds of fancy paper--the kind with wheat husks pressed into it and stuff--and I cut it up in small pieces and glued it all over the box, kind of like a crazy quilt. Then I put the box over the litterbox. It's big enough so the rabbits can get inside and hang out while doing their business, but it looks more presentable than pooping bunnies. (I made two doors just in case they have a little scuffle and one needs to make a rapid exit.)

It looks pretty cool (well *I* think it does) and the rabbits love it. Elmo flops out in the litterbox with his head hanging out the outhouse door; Maybelline thinks its just hilarious to dive in and out of either end.

So...if you have a litterbox that isn't in the BEST place, that's one solution.

Susan Davis

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