Spay/Neuter For Bunny Love

part three of a series on the benefits of spay/neuter

Spay/Neuter allows rabbits to form permanent, close bonds with other rabbits without the competition and aggressiveness of mating. 

Itʼs often most comfortable for first-time rabbit owners to start with a single bunny. However, itʼs important to know that rabbits are very social animals who truly desire and benefit from the companionship of other rabbits. 

Introducing two rabbits for possible friendship is called “dating”. When two or more rabbits become close friends we say they are “bonded”. Spay/neuter is the essential first step in this introduction and bonding process. 

Rabbit companionship benefits both rabbits and owners. Why? Because bonded rabbits cuddle, groom, sleep, and play together. They comfort each other during times of stress or illness. They share their strengths and learn from each other — for example, a shy rabbit can become more outgoing when paired with an extroverted bunny. Bonded rabbits wonʼt experience the boredom or loneliness that a single rabbit may experience and they are said to be less destructive and less needy because of this. Bonded rabbits keep each other company when you are gone. And, as an added bonus they are unbelievably cute together! 

Spayed/neutered rabbits can be bonded into pairs, trios, or even larger groups. Best of all, your bunnyʼs feelings for you wonʼt change with the addition of a friend. 

Once your bunny is spayed/neutered, s/he will appreciate having a playmate. First meetings can be intense, so experienced supervision and guidance is required. Dating can be arranged through your local rabbit rescue organization or animal shelter. 

Allow one month after surgery for hormones to subside. After one month your bunny is ready for a lifetime of companionship thanks to spaying/ neutering. 

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