Easter and Rabbits

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    Contrary to Easter-time hype, rabbits and small children aren't a good match. The exuberance of even the gentlest toddler is stressful for the sensitive rabbit.

    Children like a companion they can hold, and cuddle. That's why stuffed animals are so popular. Rabbits are not passive and cuddly. They are ground-loving creatures who feel frightened and insecure when held and restrained. The result of a short-sighted purchase of an Easter rabbit: the child loses interest, and the rabbit ends up neglected or abandoned.

    Easter bunnies soon grow large and reach adolescence. If left unneutered they will chew, spray or dig. Many end up neglected or abandoned. The result? Humane organizations such as House Rabbit Society see a huge increase in the number of abandoned rabbits after Easter. Help us stop this yearly cycle by educating yourself and others!

    Know the Facts.

    Clearly, rabbits aren't for everyone. Are you a gentle adult living in a quiet household? If you think you're someone who would enjoy sharing life with a rabbit, please visit your local rabbit-rescue group.

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