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We were featured in Gentry Magazine!

Donna Jensen and Nicholas, the rabbit, appeared in the November, 2006 issue of Gentry Magazine-Peninsula.



We were on Channel 7 News!

On May 31st, Donna Jensen and Harvey, the rabbit, appeared on a segment for channel 7 news.




All bunnies staying at the Burrow Inn are rescued from the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA of San Mateo, County, where all of them are given a new lease on life. Donna Jensen, Manager of the Burrow Inn tirelessly volunteered at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA for the past 16 years. Donna also managed the House Rabbit Society SF/Peninsula Chapter for 10 years and just recently stepped down as Chapter manager to focus on doing what she loves doing the most, which is working more "hands on" with the rabbits as well as being a foster parent through her own organization, the Burrow Inn. All of the bunnies at the Burrow Inn are sweet as well as socialized by Donna and her team of volunteers. They are all in need of good forever homes. Please consider adopting one today, they all deserve a very loving home. Volunteers who work closely with Donna help ensure that they are all healthy, very friendly and approachable bunnies. Come meet them today!

To find out more information about how to get involved with this organization, you can either call  (650) 994-1012 or e-mail at waltbda@aol.com. We also have HRS Promotional Items for sale to help support our foster bunnies.


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24 Carrot Lane is honored to proclaim Friday, August 24, 2007, the first annual worldwide rabbit love + appreciation day! Click on the icon belowfor more details.

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Please Make a Donation:

Contributions and donations are always welcome, and are very much needed to help us carry on our mission. Many bunnies are rescued from the shelters and given a new lease on life thanks to our supporters. Our foster home is really in need of donations to continue our care for the rabbits. As a local foster home, we are funded independently from HRS, our national organization, and rely solely on individual donations for support. We have over 50 bunnies in our foster home and many of them are special-needs bunnies whom need special medical attention.

Please consider sending us a tax-deductible donation to this address:

Burrow Inn c/o House Rabbit Society

P. O. Box 31912

San Francisco Ca. 94131
Email Address : waltbda@aol.com

You can also donate online through PayPal. We accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and more.  Just click the button below to start:

All donations made by check and/or via PayPal can be made payable to The House Rabbit Society.

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The rabbits thank you !

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Burrow Inn c/o House Rabbit Society, P. O. Box 31912, San Francisco Ca. 94131
Email Address : waltbda@aol.com

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