House Rabbit Society Contacts

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HRS Educators and Chapters

Note: There are also many independent rescue groups in the US, Canada, and the rest of the world.


House Rabbit Society Staff

148 Broadway
Richmond, CA 94804
Executive Director
Anne Martin, PhD
Communications Manager
Larissa Church
Volunteer Coordinator/Hop Shop Manager
Amber Tadena
Michele Kim, DVM
Veterinary Technician
Grace Santos, RVT
Animal Caregivers
Sharea Giger
Leonne Chung

Board of Directors

Dawn Sailer, President
Laurie Gigous, Vice President
Edie Gower, Treasurer
Beth Woolbright, Secretary
Marinell Harriman, Founder
Margo DeMello, Past President
Joy Gioia
Christie Taylor

Volunteer Advisors

Outreach Director
Mary Cotter 

Medical Advisor
Anthony Pilny, DVM 

Legal Advisor
Mara C. Hurwitt, Esq.* * licensed to practice in Virginia and the District of Columbia