Rabbit Rescue Groups: USA

Feb 10, 2013

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Independent rescue group:

A shelter or rescue who does good work for rabbits but is not an HRS Chapter or HRS Ally.

Independent rescues:

  • are unaffiliated with HRS
  • spay/neuter all rabbits
  • keep rabbits indoors
  • adopt to indoor homes only
  • provide educational material with adopted rabbits

We provide this list as a service to the public for areas where there are no HRS Chapters or HRS Allies. Apply to be listed as an independent rescue group.

HRS Ally:
House Rabbit Society Allies:
  • profess to have similar purposes and philosophy to HRS
  • spay/neuter all rabbits
  • keep rabbits indoors
  • adopt to indoor homes only
  • provide educational material with adopted rabbits
  • sign an annual pledge with HRS
  • may/may not be incorporated (as a business or 501c3 nonprofit)
  • fostering and education programs may/may not follow HRS guidelines
  • may/may not have licensed HRS Educators
  • listed on the HRS website as an Ally
  • HRS does not investigate allies’ facilities or practices
  • allies can use HRS materials but not the HRS name or logo
  • allies’ rabbits are not the responsibility of HRS

  • Apply to be an HRS Ally.
The following listings include rabbit rescue groups whose principles and practices we support, including HRS chapters, HRS allies, and independent rescue groups.

These groups follow HRS guidelines as follows:

  • spay/neuter all rabbits
  • keep rabbits indoors
  • adopt to indoor homes only
  • provide educational material with adopted rabbits

— HRS Headquarters


— HRS Chapters

— HRS Educator Groups

— Allies

— Independent Rescue Groups


Alabama Rabbit Rescue* (HRS Chapter)
Huntsville Friends of Rabbits
Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue
Tranquility Trail
Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network* – Little Rock (Ally)
HRS Headquarters* – SF Bay Area: Richmond, CA
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary* – Stockton, CA (HRS Chapter)
HRS Sacramento* – Sacramento, CA (HRS Chapter)
Friendly Farms – Sand City, CA
Rabbit Haven – Santa Cruz, CA
Save A Bunny – Mill Valley, CA
Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue – Contra Costa County, CA
RabbitEars – Oakland, CA* (Ally)
Burrow Inn – South San Francisco, CA* (Ally)
Rescue Rabbits Rock – Marina, CA
Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue – Roseville, CA
San Diego HRS* – San Diego, CA (HRS Chapter)
BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center* – Los Angeles, CA (HRS Chapter)
Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation* – Los Angeles, CA (HRS Chapter)
Bunny Bunch – Chino, CA
Bunny Groomer – Calabasas, CA (Ally)
VCAS Bunny Brigade – Camarillo, CA (Ally)
Rabbit Rescue, Inc.* – Downey, CA (Ally)
Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue – San Gabriel, CA
Sweet Pea Foundation – Los Angeles, CA
B.U.N.S. – Santa Barbara County
San Clemente Rabbit Page

Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue* (HRS Chapter)
House Rabbit Connection* (HRS Chapter)
Hop-A-Long Hollow* (Ally)
House Rabbit Network
Southeastern PA-Delaware HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Miami HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Florida Rabbit Rescue groups
Gainesville Rabbit Rescue
Orlando Rabbit Care & Adoptions* – Orlando (Ally)
Tampa Bay House Rabbit Rescue* (Ally)
Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue* – Naples (Ally)
Humane Society of the Treasure Coast – Palm City (Ally)
Georgia HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Hawaiian Humane Society
Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue
Illinois House Rabbit Society/Bunnies United of Chicago* (HRS chapter)
Red Door Animal Shelter
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary
Chicago HRS
Wonder Bunny Rabbit Rescue
Indiana HRS* (HRS Chapter)
EARPS Exotic Animal Rescue* (Ally)
A Critter’s Chance
IndyCLAW Rescue (aka Recycled Rabbits)
Heartland Small Animal Rescue Inc.
Furry Friends Refuge
Bunny TNT of Wichita
Pampered Pets Animal Rescue
Bun Bun Brigade
Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue* – Baton Rouge (Ally)
Holley’s Hopping Habitat – Rabbit Rescue & Education Center
Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland
Baltimore/DC/NoVA HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center* – (Ally)
House Rabbit Connection* (HRS Chapter)
Rabbit Rescue – Northern and Eastern Massachusetts
House Rabbit Network
West Michigan Critter Haven* – Jenison (HRS Chapter)
Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary near Ann Arbor
Michigan Rabbit Rescue – Detroit
Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Re-home – Plymouth
Tiny Paws Rescue and Sanctuary – Warren
Wonderland Rabbit Rescue
Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society
Minnesota Pocket Pet Rescue (Ally)
Kansas City HRS* (HRS Chapter)
St. Louis HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Bozeman Rabbit Resource
Las Vegas House Rabbit Sanctuary
New Hampshire
House Rabbit Network
New Jersey
New Jersey HRS* (Ally)
Hippity Hop Rabbit Rescue – Somerville
Little Furries Rabbit Rescue – Browns Mills
Hug-A-Bunny Rabbit Rescue – Northern New Jersey* (Ally)
Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue
New Mexico
New Mexico HRS* (HRS Chapter)
New York
New York Rabbit Rescue and Rehab* (HRS Chapter)
T.H.E. Rabbit Resource* (HRS Chapter)
Bunnies and Beyond – NYC* (Ally)
North Carolina
Triangle Rabbits* (HRS Chapter)
All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary of North Carolina* (Ally)
New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue
Buckeye HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Columbus HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Ohio House Rabbit Rescue
Heartland Rabbit Rescue* – Blanchard (Ally)
Portland Rabbit Advocates* (Ally)
Red Barn Rabbit Rescue
Southeastern PA-Delaware HRS* (HRS Chapter)
The Rabbit Habit
Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club
Animal Friends – Pittsburgh
Rabbit Wranglers – Pittsburgh* (Ally)
South Carolina
The Rabbit Sanctuary
Cullen’s Archangel Rescue
Low Country HRS* – Charleston (Ally)
Bunny Rescue* – Nashville (Ally)
Clover Patch Sanctuary* – Franklin (Ally)
Southern Bunny Sanctuary
Tennessee Hollow – Nashville* (Ally)
The Bunny Burrow* – Fort Worth (Ally)
House Rabbit Resource Network – Austin
Bunny Buddies* – Houston (Ally)
North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary – Richardson
Pawsome Exotic Small Mammal Sanctuary and Rescue
Best Friends Animal Society* (Ally)
Utah Rabbit Rescue
House Rabbit Network
Baltimore/DC/NoVA HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Bunny Lu Adoptions
Friends of Rabbits* (Ally)
Rabbit Meadows* (HRS Chapter)
Rabbit Haven
Rivers Wish Animal Sanctuary* (Ally)
Wisconsin HRS* (HRS Chapter)
K&R Small Animal Sanctuary
Pitter Patter Animal Rescue Inc.
Angels Paws
Soulmate Rabbit Rescue

Independent House Rabbit Groups – Worldwide

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