Rabbit Rescue Groups: USA

Feb 10, 2013 by HRS

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The following listings include rabbit rescue groups whose principles and practices we support, including HRS chapters, HRS allies, and independent rescue groups.

Independent rescue group:

A shelter or rescue who does good work for rabbits but is not an HRS Chapter or HRS Ally.

Independent rescues:

  • are unaffiliated with HRS
  • spay/neuter all rabbits
  • keep rabbits indoors
  • adopt to indoor homes only
  • provide educational material with adopted rabbits

We provide this list as a service to the public for areas where there are no HRS Chapters or HRS Allies. Apply to be listed as an independent rescue group.

HRS Ally:
House Rabbit Society Allies:
  • profess to have similar purposes and philosophy to HRS
  • spay/neuter all rabbits
  • keep rabbits indoors
  • adopt to indoor homes only
  • provide educational material with adopted rabbits
  • sign an annual pledge with HRS
  • may/may not be incorporated (as a business or 501c3 nonprofit)
  • fostering and education programs may/may not follow HRS guidelines
  • may/may not have licensed HRS Educators
  • listed on the HRS website as an Ally
  • HRS does not investigate allies’ facilities or practices
  • allies can use HRS materials but not the HRS name or logo
  • allies’ rabbits are not the responsibility of HRS

  • Apply to be an HRS Ally.

— HRS Headquarters


— HRS Chapters

— HRS Educator Groups

— Allies

— Independent Rescue Groups

Alabama Rabbit Rescue* (HRS Chapter)
Huntsville Friends of Rabbits
Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue
Tranquility Trail
Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network* – Little Rock (Ally)
HRS Headquarters* – SF Bay Area: Richmond, CA
Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary* – Stockton, CA (HRS Chapter)
HRS Sacramento* – Sacramento, CA (HRS Chapter)
Friendly Farms – Sand City, CA
Rabbit Haven – Santa Cruz, CA
Save A Bunny – Mill Valley, CA
Contra Costa Rabbit Rescue – Contra Costa County, CA
RabbitEars – Oakland, CA* (Ally)
Burrow Inn – South San Francisco, CA* (Ally)
Rescue Rabbits Rock – Marina, CA
Leaps & Bounds Rabbit Rescue – Roseville, CA
San Diego HRS* – San Diego, CA (HRS Chapter)
BunnyLuv Rabbit Resource Center* – Los Angeles, CA (HRS Chapter)
Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation* – Los Angeles, CA (HRS Chapter)
Bunny Bunch – Chino, CA
Bunny Groomer – Calabasas, CA (Ally)
VCAS Bunny Brigade – Camarillo, CA (Ally)
Rabbit Rescue, Inc.* – Downey, CA (Ally)
Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue – San Gabriel, CA
Sweet Pea Foundation – Los Angeles, CA
B.U.N.S. – Santa Barbara County
San Clemente Rabbit Page

Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue* (HRS Chapter)
House Rabbit Connection* (HRS Chapter)
Hop-A-Long Hollow* (Ally)
House Rabbit Network
Southeastern PA-Delaware HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Miami HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Florida Rabbit Rescue groups
Gainesville Rabbit Rescue
Orlando Rabbit Care & Adoptions* – Orlando (Ally)
Tampa Bay House Rabbit Rescue* (Ally)
Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue* – Naples (Ally)
Humane Society of the Treasure Coast – Palm City (Ally)
Georgia HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Hawaiian Humane Society
Haven Hollow Animal Refuge – Shelley (Ally)
Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue
Illinois House Rabbit Society/Bunnies United of Chicago* (HRS chapter)
Red Door Animal Shelter
Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary
Chicago HRS
Wonder Bunny Rabbit Rescue
Indiana HRS* (HRS Chapter)
EARPS Exotic Animal Rescue* (Ally)
A Critter’s Chance
IndyCLAW Rescue (aka Recycled Rabbits)
Heartland Small Animal Rescue Inc.
Furry Friends Refuge
Bunny TNT of Wichita
Pampered Pets Animal Rescue
Bun Bun Brigade
Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue* – Baton Rouge (Ally)
Holley’s Hopping Habitat – Rabbit Rescue & Education Center
Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland
Baltimore/DC/NoVA HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center* – (Ally)
House Rabbit Connection* (HRS Chapter)
Rabbit Rescue – Northern and Eastern Massachusetts
House Rabbit Network
West Michigan Critter Haven* – Jenison (HRS Chapter)
Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary near Ann Arbor
Michigan Rabbit Rescue – Detroit
Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Re-home – Plymouth
Tiny Paws Rescue and Sanctuary – Warren
Wonderland Rabbit Rescue
Minnesota Companion Rabbit Society
Minnesota Pocket Pet Rescue (Ally)
Kansas City HRS* (HRS Chapter)
St. Louis HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Bozeman Rabbit Resource
Las Vegas House Rabbit Sanctuary
New Hampshire
House Rabbit Network
New Jersey
New Jersey HRS* (Ally)
Hippity Hop Rabbit Rescue – Somerville
Little Furries Rabbit Rescue – Browns Mills
Hug-A-Bunny Rabbit Rescue – Northern New Jersey* (Ally)
Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue
New Mexico
New Mexico HRS* (HRS Chapter)
New York
New York Rabbit Rescue and Rehab* (HRS Chapter)
T.H.E. Rabbit Resource* (HRS Chapter)
Bunnies and Beyond – NYC* (Ally)
North Carolina
Triangle Rabbits* (HRS Chapter)
All Creatures Rescue and Sanctuary of North Carolina* (Ally)
New Hanover County Rabbit Rescue
Buckeye HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Columbus HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Ohio House Rabbit Rescue
Heartland Rabbit Rescue* – Blanchard (Ally)
Portland Rabbit Advocates* (Ally)
Red Barn Rabbit Rescue
Southeastern PA-Delaware HRS* (HRS Chapter)
The Rabbit Habit
Pittsburgh House Rabbit Club
Animal Friends – Pittsburgh
Rabbit Wranglers – Pittsburgh* (Ally)
South Carolina
The Rabbit Sanctuary
Cullen’s Archangel Rescue
Low Country HRS* – Charleston (Ally)
Bunny Rescue* – Nashville (Ally)
Clover Patch Sanctuary* – Franklin (Ally)
Southern Bunny Sanctuary
Tennessee Hollow – Nashville* (Ally)
The Bunny Burrow* – Fort Worth (Ally)
House Rabbit Resource Network – Austin
Bunny Buddies* – Houston (Ally)
North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary – Richardson
Pawsome Exotic Small Mammal Sanctuary and Rescue
Best Friends Animal Society* (Ally)
Utah Rabbit Rescue
House Rabbit Network
Baltimore/DC/NoVA HRS* (HRS Chapter)
Bunny Lu Adoptions
Friends of Rabbits* (Ally)
Rabbit Meadows
Rabbit Haven
Rivers Wish Animal Sanctuary* (Ally)
Wisconsin HRS* (HRS Chapter)
K&R Small Animal Sanctuary
Pitter Patter Animal Rescue Inc.
Angels Paws
Soulmate Rabbit Rescue

Independent House Rabbit Groups – Worldwide

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