Suggested Vegetables

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Please refer to the Diet FAQ for detailed info on proper quantities and combinations to feed for a well-balanced diet.

Select at least three kinds of vegetables daily. A variety is necessary in order to obtain the necessary nutrients, with one each day that contains Vitamin A, indicated by an *. Add one vegetable to the diet at a time. Eliminate if it causes soft stools or diarrhea.

Alfalfa, radish & clover sprouts
Baby bok choy
Beet greens (tops)*
Bok choy
Broccoli (mostly leaves/stems)*
Brussels sprouts
Carrot & carrot tops*
Chinese celery
Collard greens*
Dandelion greens and flowers (no pesticides)*
Dwarf choy sum
Gai long
Green peppers
Kale (!)*
Mustard greens*
Pea pods (the flat edible kind: snow pea or sugar snap pea)*
Peppermint leaves
Radish tops
Raspberry leaves
Romaine lettuce (no iceberg or light colored leaf)*
Spinach (!)*
Wheat grass
Yu choy

(!)=Use sparingly. High in oxalates, Vitamin A or goitrogens and may be toxic in accumulated quantities over a period of time

Please note that there is currently dispute within the scientific community regarding the levels of oxalates and goitrogens in kale.  Many of our rescuers have fed kale daily, combined with other veggies, with no ill effects.  Others have found that kale fed in large amounts on a daily basis may contribute to bladder sludge and other health issues.  HRS encourages you to make your own decisions on how you feed kale to your rabbit based on this information, and when solid, undisputed research is found we will update this and other articles relating to feeding kale. 

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