Airlines that Allow Rabbits

Jan 5, 2020

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  Airlines that allow rabbits in the cabin:

NOTE: We just learned in December 2019 that United no longer allows rabbits in the cabin. We recommend that folks call United to ask them to change their policy back to when rabbits were allowed!

Rabbits only allowed in the cargo area as checked baggage (NOT RECOMMENDED):

  • AlItalia
  • Delta
  • Air Baltic

When booking your flight, please be sure that the flight is actually operated by one of the above airlines when booking. Many airlines offer flights that are actually operated by other airlines that do not allow rabbits. In addition, the rules vary based on country of origin and destination, so if you are not traveling within the United States, please check to make sure that each leg of your trip is covered before you finalize your booking.  You may need to pay an in-cabin pet fee or pet ticket, check with the airline when booking your ticket.

Please email to report any changes or corrections to the above list.

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