Meet Lucy!

Nov 6, 2015

Meet Lucy and her cat friend Alice! This goes to say that “ Yes” cats and rabbits can get along! They have been friends for 2...

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Meet Gracie!

Nov 5, 2015

Meet Gracie! She was rescued from south Florida. She’s very sweet and loves to play with her ball. To submit your own photo,...

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Meet Buttons!

Nov 4, 2015

Meet Buttons! She is a 2 year old Agouti rabbit. She was adopted from the SPCA and is a very friendly, energetic bunny who LOVES to...

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Meet Rodolfo!

Nov 3, 2015

Meet Rodolfo from Argentina! Two months ago, I adopted “Rodolfo” (Rudolph), the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen; and...

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Latest Emergency Grant to Wild...

Oct 9, 2015

Our latest emergency rescue grant has gone to Wild for Life Foundation, to help with the medical care and housing  needs for...

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Meet Chocolate and Berry!

Oct 6, 2015

Meet Chocolate and Berry, from left to right. They are both male 2 year old lops. Berry thinks he is the most amazing rabbit in the...

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Meet Cyndi!

Oct 5, 2015

Meet Cyndi – she was adopted from the Unicoi County Animal Shelter in Erwin, TN! She loves her family and they feel very lucky...

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Meet Darcy!

Oct 4, 2015

Meet Darcy, he’s my first rabbit and he’s allowed anywhere in the house that he wants to go! To submit your own photo, please...

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